Malton Neighbourhood Services (MNS) is a non-profit, charitable organization which has been providing settlement and community support services since 1975. We offer services in many languages and we collaborate extensively with many other service provider organizations in supporting communities and meeting client needs across Peel as well as locally in Malton.

MNS is organizing a Fundraising Gala on September 27th, 2019 to help raise funds to support our programs for youth and seniors. Monies raised from the gala will go towards providing light refreshments for group meetings and events, funding occasional cultural, educational, recreational and other trips of interest.

Our groups include an Italian Seniors’ and a Caribbean Seniors’ Group that is inclusive to all seniors. The latter group comprises over 120 registered participants. The group meetings and outings offer participants a safe space to share with their peers and a positive, supportive environment for enhancing their personal, social development, cultural sensitivity awareness and self-empowerment.

Our youth programs are extensive and include one-on-one services, such as counselling and mentorship supports, as well as various youth groups and volunteering opportunities. The programs are open to all youth, and key objectives in our youth programming are to encourage self-development and a focus on education and career development. We also focus on building multicultural and inter-generational awareness as well as mutual respect among all youth, regardless of individual differences.