This spring saw the EarlyON Team welcoming Karla Bailey as the incoming Manager as Dhriti left for her maternity leave. We wish Dhriti all the best with her bouncing baby boy.

This summer, the EarlyON Team successfully ran two full-time outdoor programs. One was hosted at the Malton Community Centre and the other was hosted in Chinguacousy Park. Both programs were a success as we were able to reach more families and welcome them into the MNS family.

With the approach of the change in weather, the EarlyON Department saw a change in programs as well. These changes included the introduction of four new programs and several minor program adjustments to better support the families in the program. The new programs are Stepping Stones, Sibling Connection, Baby Gym, and Preschool STEM. These new programs are all designed to support growth and development. Please see the EarlyON Calendar for more details on these programs.

The awesome team of Early Childhood Facilitators, Family Support Facilitator, Program Support Facilitator, and Manager, connects to the families on a day to day basis. If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to connect with one of them.

Written by: Karla Bailey (EarlyON Manager)