Malton Neighbourhood Services

3540 Morning Star Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
905 677-6270

Board of Directors

Executive Officers
Chair - Amir Akhtar
Vice-Chair - Keshna Sood
Treasurer - Lorian Feres
Secretary - Vinay Nair
Members - Shawn Matadeen, Jean Beckles, N. R. (Ricardo) Basnayake, Aimee Gurcharn, Narda Blaauw, Lashell Eaton,Viral Gor,
Ex-Officio Member Ex-Chair - Tony Patey (2006), David Gray (2011), Lucy Hutchinson (2012)

Executive Director - Jacquie Lewis

Ontario Early Years and LION (Learning in Our Neighbourhood) Manager - Dhriti Chhabra
LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) Manager - Nayna Sangha
SWIS(Settlement Workers in the Schools)/Youth Manager - Monique Abbott
Community Services/Settlement Manager - Ricardo Gascon
IRIS (Immigrant Reception and Information Services) Manager - Thomas Kwok